Mental Arithmetic

Range of numbers

Arithmetic operations



Mental arithmetic trainer for the development and maintenance of mathematical abilities. 

How to use Mental Arithmetic? 

1. Determine the maximum and minimum numbers under "Number range". 

2. In the item arithmetic operations, include those operations that you want to solve. Note that if there is only one operation such as minus or division, then the seed will be out of range. 

3. "Step Time" determines how long each displayed number will be displayed on the screen. Set it in seconds and fractions of seconds

4. In the "Number of steps" field, define how many operations you want to solve in one session. 

5. The "Decimals" field defines the maximum length of the fractional part of numbers and answers. 

6. "Number of displays" will determine how many examples will be displayed simultaneously in one session. 

The Mental Arithmetic simulator alternately show numbers, in the range you specified, with a mathematical operation sign attached to them. The fractional part is taken into account in the answers, the numbers are generated in such a way that the fractional part of the answers does not exceed the allowed value you specified. Evaluate the benefits of using Mental Arithmetic in your daily life.