Publishing Rules

In the community of authors, people are often polite, understanding and listening to any opinion. And in order not to turn this product into a dump, and not to change the purpose, there is a group of simple rules for violation of which the administrator may prohibit publication from the account.

List of prohibited actions

• Advertise resources by passing rules
You can post links to information sources, insert contextual advertising, announce various events. But only if the publication is interesting, has an informational purpose and similar things fit harmoniously into an article or a book. If the moderator decides that the article was created only for advertising, the account will be subject to penalties.

• Post notes and statuses
Monosyllabic publications like "Only here ... link", "See that I found", "Good mood" and the like are not welcome.

• Post complaints
Many people have personal and social problems. Do not report them using this product.

• Create a store of pictures
Do not post ambiguous pictures and images without comment.

• Propaganda and provocations
Create and participate in political discussions; provoke any social masses or individuals to the conflict; promote religion, lifestyle, ideology, behavior, etc.

• Begging and charity
Publish charitable posts and fees in various super-projects somewhere far away.

• Use emoticons, distort words, ignore spelling rules

• Insults and obscene speech

• Create a clone or virtual account
Even with the kindest and unselfish intentions.

Of course, anyone can come up with something to bypass the general rules. The moderator is primarily guided by common sense.