Words Generator

In the input field, specify the required number of words, after clicking the "Generate" button, a list of nouns will appear corresponding to the number of the query entered. The word generator extracting a list in the range from 1 till 200 nouns. In addition, all words are the designations of objects. From the random words generator are excluded nouns that can not be imagined as an image or matter.

In the event that you need to number the words put the marker in front of the "Number List" field. A form will open in which you need to select the numbering order. By default, the numbering is specified in order.

What is a word generator?

The word generator is a mechanism that allows you to get a random word or a list of words for the specified user parameters.
In the context of this simulator, this tool allows you to get a set of words appropriate to the criteria for effective memory workout methods, such as: Harry Lorein method, Cicero method.
In that case, if you think that this simulator needs to be improved and can be more effective, please write to the administrator, have and phone you will find in the Contacts.

Random Words

Such words are chosen randomly from the database with a total of more than 8 thousand words. The simplest way to train the memory is considered a list of words that can be represented in the form of objects, well, if you are already confident practices, go to the list of nouns.

Nouns generator

The list of nouns includes a set of words responsible for questions: who?, what?. It includes but is not limited to the subject point in the database.

Item generator

The list of words that can be represented in the form of matter or tie with the visual perception of the outside world. Such a list of words is suitable for newbies training. Recommended level at the start: up to 7 years inclusive - 15 items, over the age of 7 - from 20 words and more.

Pictionary word generator

Another way to use the object generator is the intellectual game Pictionary.

Pictionary (game)

Rules game Pictionary:

  1. The presenter is selected by the draw;
  2. The random item is selected;
  3. The presenter depicts the selected item with the help of facial expressions and gestures;
  4. The presenter is obliged to keep silence, and respond to the questions of the participants only with gestures Yes / No;
  5. The participant first called the correct word occupies the place of the presenter;

Word generator online

This simulator is absolutely free and has no restrictions on the number of training, however, for technical reasons, the number of words online for one workout is limited and currently it is 200 words.