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Bullet Train | Fight with Tangerine | Learn English

Jeez, they are usually so polite.
Lady, I'm...
Wo, that's cool.
Come here, you dirty fucking scum!
Wait, wait, wait, wait
I know who killed the kid.
I couldn't give a rat's ass.
Where is my fucking case?
Oh, I am so sorry. Excuse me.
Oh, no, thank you. We are ok.
Oh, I would love a bottle of water.
You know what? Do you have anything sparkling?
That's the one. Thank you... Domo arigato
Oh, yeah.
Bro, I just remembered I gave all my money to that guy to wear my hat and glasses.
Could you?
How much for the bottle of water, love?
Oh, there. No, you're welcome.
A thousand yen, that's ten quid for that bottle of water, mate.
Domo arigato
You sure you don't want talk this out?
Not particularly, no.

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Several assassins appear on the same train, unaware existence of each other's. Our hero, nicknamed "Ladybug" takes the phone from one of them and hides in the toilet. However, the partner of the offended gangster easily found the phone.