Number Generator

The number generator produces a list of up to 50 random numbers.
In the "Quantity of Symbols" field, specify the length of the random numbers. In this field, you indicate the number of characters from which each number will consist, the length should be no more than 200 characters.
By default, "position tracking" is switch on, which means that when checking you will need to enter numbers in the same order in which they were located. If you turn off the "position tracking" you can enter numbers, when checking, in any sequence. In this case, if each number is entered correctly, and the order is changed, the result will be correct.
The random number list generator is designed to train you to memorize long numbers according to the Harry Lorayne method, such as phone numbers, bank accounts and credit/debit cards, contract numbers, car numbers, etc.
The author of the technique found it useful to be able to remember any number or even a series of numbers at a glance. On this basis, this random number generator was created.