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Want to learn to read faster ? The simulator will help you develop the skill and bring it to the level of reflexes. A special technique for developing the ability to read quickly allows you to get the result after just a few lessons. & Nbsp;

How the machine works

The essence of the service is scrolling certain words or individual phrases on the computer display. In this case, the user can independently choose the speed of information output, as well as its amount.

Due to the work of the eyes, the perception of words by the visual center is trained, which gradually increases the number of spoken phrases. It also improves focusing speed on a specific area of ​​the screen. Speed ​​Reading Trainer not only develops reading, but also contributes to the work of peripheral vision.

To use the service, just insert the text you need and start scrolling. The user can adjust the speed of output of words, their number and other parameters. First, you can use the ready-made text examples provided by the simulator.

The place where the user left off is saved automatically - the lesson can be continued at any convenient moment. Regular exercise on the machine will allow you to:

noticeably improve reading speed;

increase focus on a specific object;

quickly focus on details;

increase the field of peripheral vision;

increase the speed of thinking;

develop the ability to quickly highlight useful information in the text;

suppress harmful articulation - the habit of pronouncing text.

The service will help train the ability to quickly operate with information. The results are noticeable after just a few sessions. speed reading trainer is your assistant in brain development.