How to Learn English with Movie

This tool allows you quickly to learn everyday spoken English, if you already have knowledge of the basics of the English language.

Training is divided into 3 steps (2 if not registered)

  1. Watching the video

    In the first step, you watch the selected video. By clicking on unfamiliar words, you will see the interpretation of the selected word in English with a short example.

  2. Repetition of new words

    The second step involves watching the same video. Now you have to recognize by ear the previously selected words and write them down in the appropriate positions.

  3. Improve your pronunciation

    You can start a new conversation or join an existing one. To do this, choose the date and time of the conversation that is comfortable for you. After that, you will see a page with the terms of the conversation.
    The host of the conversation selects the video chat and the number of participants in the conversation. 5-10 minutes before the start of the conference, the organizer must add the conference ID, but if this did not happen, any participant can add their own conference ID.
    You can also write a private message to any participant of the upcoming conference.

Additional information about learning English

When you select a video in the “recommended” section, videos that contain the words and phrases you have previously selected are shown first.

The “Discussions” section appears when someone started to recruit members in the conversation.

You can also add new videos from YouTube channel yourself.

Check out our English video learning tool. Feel free to let the administration know about any bugs you find and improvements you would like to see on the site.

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