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Welcome to Earth

Music: Is it magic or is it madness
I've got a confession to make
Music: Is it a dream, or more than it seems
I've never climbed a mount
Music: Faces in the clouds
Music: Faces in the clouds
Never swum in a lake
Music: Traces on the ground
I was in a cave once
Music: Oh, what a world we live in
I'm beginning to think that I might be missing something
Well ready? Yes sir
I asked the best modern day explorers, take me to the ends of the earth
And they said oh we can go further than that
Three, two, one. Let's go!
Let's see what's up that
We think we know our planet
But there is still a secret world to be discovered
If you go to the right place with the right guide
You just might find a portal into it
And we need to helm it because the volcano spits rocks up in the air. As if this helmet going to do something with one of these big rocks
I sure hope you know where you are going. I hope so too
I almost guarantee you're gonna survive
I thought you were gonna freak out but you just kept going. I am an actor I pretend for a living
They crossing
That's spectacular
This is a bucket list moment
My grandmother used to say all the best things in life lived on the other side of fear
I sure hope Gigi was right

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Join Will Smith on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world. Welcome to Earth, an Original Series from National Geographic, is streaming this December only on @DisneyPlus.