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The story about a tube of toothpaste, 3 words for $1,000,000

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The story about a tube of toothpaste, 3 words for $1,000,000

In the middle of the 20th century, when tooth powder manufacturers were switching to toothpaste, a man came to the one of these companies with an unusual offer. He said that he knew how to increase the number of sales of toothpaste without resorting to costly retooling of production, and he was ready to sell the "secret" for a million dollars. To which the company replied that they would thinking.
Not finding a suitable solution within the company, the management decided to draw up an agreement with this person. The contract suggested that if during the year the income from sales of toothpaste grows by 20%, a person will receive $ 1,000,000. At the end of agreement there were several blank sheets for a trial description of the idea. The description itself consisted just three words: "Make a bigger hole."