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Incident at the Tax Office. The Man Who Makes Money on Bets

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Incident at the Tax Office. The Man Who Makes Money on Bets

One day, the tax inspector called an elderly man for an audit, saying that the information about him was too contradictory. The inspector was not surprised when the old man came with his lawyer. The man replied that there was no mistake: he earns a gambling dispute and can prove it. The auditor agreed to consider all the evidence. So elderly man invited the inspector to bet that he (the old man) would bite his left eye, the bet was one thousand dollars. The inspector agreed.
The old man took out his glassy left eye, bite it, and put it back.
Then the old man offered to bet that he could bite his right eye, a bet of 2 thousand dollars.
The inspector, realizing that the old man was not blind, agreed again.
The old man took out a set of false teeth, bit his right eye and returned the jaw to its place.
After that, the old man offered to bet 5 thousand that he could pee across the table into the bin, which was located at the opposite end of the room, and not a drop would fall on the table.
The inspector agreed.
As a result, the old man pissed whall office, the inspector jumped with happiness, realizing that he had won a large money, and the lawyer turned pale from what he saw.
The inspector asked the lawyer: "Are you all right?"
A: Not really. You see, coming up to you, we bet 25 thousand that the old man will piss on your table and you will be happy because of it.