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The Story about Two Telephone Books

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The Story about Two Telephone Books

At a time when there were still landlines in apartments and houses, in one small English town, two printing houses (let's call them A and B) annually published similar telephone directories. Most customers bought both books. No one of the companies could gain an advantage over a competitor. In one year, Company A decided to add pages to make the directory thicker, but more compact in length and width.
Company B lost over 70% of its sales the following year. Tricky managers realized a phonebook is a desk book. A stack of books, most often, is formed so that the smallest book is on top, buyers noticed that during the year they used only the Telephone Books that is on top, and the next year they decided to save on a book that they do not use. In addition, when going to a pay phone, people choose a book that fits into their pocket.