Learn English

Motivation to Learn English

Of course, we know that there are already a lot of schools, courses and videos for learning English on the Internet exept us. However, when you first communicate with native speakers, you understand that you have learned the wrong language. Long practice helps to understand the basic subtleties and understand the difference between dialects, pronunciation; idioms and catchphrases. Most of this is not interpreted correctly if translated literally. And getting to work for the first time in an English-speaking company without this knowledge, the attitude towards you will be appropriate. This is a script at best. Who needs an employee is unable to correctly interpret tasks?

Why English

Commonly recognized international language
That means any company operating on the international market must issue appropriate documentation for they products in English, in addition to the national language. If you cannot find the manual you need, try to translate the search query into "international language", it will most likely work.

Communication with society
English is one of the top three languages in terms of the number of speakers. This is how it was formed historically. Practically all the most reputable universities have a curriculum in English as the main or alternative for foreign students.

Hobby English

The training program is built according to our personal beliefs and wishes. The general signs of these wishes are as follows:

  • Laughter is understandable in any language
  • Listen with pleasure and memorize quickly
  • To avoid boredom

To do this, the corresponding icons have been added to the video selection. Blue is an indicator of interest in the video. Yellow is an indicator of the complexity of the dialogues. If there are no icons on the video, then no one has left ratings yet.